All of our clean energy solutions are custom built to satisfy each buyer's issues

Source Energy Analytics tailors its systems to comply with the requirements whether that implies moderate, practical, monetarily mindful, or any combination of these. We are one of the best suppliers that are pleased to maintain first-class client care, maintenance programs, and empirically fulfilled service professionals to guarantee our clients get the best experience that withstands the trial of time while creating unequivocal value for the investments of its customers.

Replace your energy company forever

The Generator

How does it work? Our generator has a protected cogless design that permits it to produce power at lower speeds. The working RPM is just 2250 far surpassing the standard 3600 RPM. This gives it the ability to run continuously, making it the main generator on the planet that you never have to turn off. Ever. Converting petroleum gas and propane over to electricity is the magic behind our mission. This is how we dispose of over 90% of the carbon dioxide and different contaminations contrasted with that of coal-generated power from utility companies. Capable of running on almost any fuel type; petroleum gas, propane, gas, diesel, and biofuels - just to give some examples.

4 leg, 12 phase generator
Tri-fuel: Gasoline, propane, natural gas
Max Output: 500 volts & 25 amps max output
44"L x24"W x28"H
Weight: 600 lbs
Clean power at 50-60 Hz.
Grid tied power = 15,200 watts
2300 RPM
Patented design
Cogless engineering
dB rating of 66 at 20ft
96.7% efficiency
10-year warranty
Components sourced in USA
Manufactured in USA
Backup power supply
Can charge batteries from a 55-60%
Automatic start/stop
Go off-grid, anywhere

Like the wind from a butterfly's wings

The Turbine

How does it work? Our Turbine is the future of wind energy generation from a small-sized turbine. The patent-pending vertical scoop design was engineered to allow this system to collect wind velocity from 360 degrees of gust patterns. Low winds, no problem. It gets to work with as little as 3.8 mph winds. On the other side of weather patterns, this turbine is more than capable of operation in hurricanes and other high-wind regions — it has been documented with peak performance with winds up to 89 mph. This makes it the most reliable and efficient wind turbine on the planet, for real.

Height: 12’ 8”
Frame 6'x6'
Requires 9'x9', 7" reinforced pad
Weight: 1200 lbs
Components sourced in the USA
Manufactured in the USA
Wind requirements: 3.8 to 89 mph.
Certified at 100 mph winds
Collects wind from 360 degrees
Silent Operation
Custom colors available
Options for grid-tied, off-grid, or battery back-up.
5Kw Generator
With sustained winds of 9 mph for a ten-hour period
Long term warranty.
Lift principles to maximize torque
Environmentally friendly

Built by the top 2% of manufacturers in the world

Tier 1 Solar Panels

How does it work? Our tier 1 panels operate by activating particles of light to separate electrons from atomic structure, which inherently produces energy. Solar panels are made up of sub-units called photovoltaic cells, or modules. When these cells are engineered together, they aggregate to form what you know as a solar panel. In full operation - photovoltaic cells need to produce an electric field. This occurs by creating a separation of opposite charges and sandwiching them together, which creates electricity. In the case of the thermal solar panels, we would be generating heat which has the ability to replace your gas-powered furnace, forever. Solar panels have changed the way we think about conserving energy and producing it from renewable sources.

Monocrystalline Cells
Silent Operation
Nominal Output 300W
Renewable energy source
Additional roof protection
Panel Max Voltage 32.5V DC
Panel Max Point Current 9.24 A
Off-Grid ability
Maximum durability
Efficiency Rating 18.4%
Operating Temp -40 Degrees to 185 Degrees
Cable Length 3.5ft
Little to no maintenance
Source hot water for your building
12-24 Volt
Sun Tracking System
60 PV Cells in Series

Our Systems Incorporated

Our systems are engineered to work seamlessly together

Pair our systems together – The turbine and generator are disrupting the energy sector as a whole, and more
so as a pair. Achieve an astonishing 22KWH, build your own energy sector, and go off the grid with these two
systems. Without the fundamentally supported wind speeds, the generator can work autonomously with over 15KWH
produced. We aim to please by suggesting our thermal solar and PV solar panels as a supplementary system.
Quality only hurts once, then you can wipe out your energy costs with the highest efficiency systems known to man.

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