We source clean renewable energy to power green roof buildings

Doing Our Part


The minimum efficiency ratings for most solar collectors is 16%. Our panels carry an impressive 20% efficiency rating outperforming our competition


Our generator standing alone has the ability to offset 100% of your energy consumption and are compliant with LEED certifications worldwide.


Our hyper-efficient turbine is financially palatable, long-lasting, and recyclable. Winds are received from 360° from any path and capable of operating with speeds as low as 3 mph and as much as 100+ mph.


Source Energy Analytics maintains that their clean renewable energy systems have the ability togenerate 100% of a building's yearly energy consumption.

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Source Energy Analytics maintains that there clean renewable energy systems have
the ability to generate 100% of a building's yearly energy consumption.

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Major economic, and environmental impact

Green Roof Initiatives

Green roof technologies dramatically increase building owners' return on investment. Additionally, these improvements also represent opportunities for substantial social, economic, and environmental benefits, particularly in major cities. Green rooftop enactment has for some time been actualized in Europe however interest currently becoming inside the United States. Numerous urban communities, for example, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Portland, offer major benefits for improvements that implement green rooftops and renewable energy system applications. In January of 2017 San Francisco turned into the primary U.S. city to order living rooftops and solar powered collectors on new development. Presently Denver is the second U.S. city with obligatory green rooftop enactment and is acted to fortify its position as a thought leader in progressive energy technologies.
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